Deepening program

The next level of self-awareness

What does your life look like when you step into your full, unique power? Do you want to experience clarity in relationship with yourself? What does it take to live passionately, honestly and authentically, full of vitality? Welcome to a life-changing program that will give you a level of self-awareness that few have experienced.

We invite you to come on a journey for 16 months, where we together lay the foundation for a vibrant future filled with presence and vitality. You will learn to work deeply with your body in a methodical, intuitive way to awaken all the parts of your true self.

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Ola Eriksson & Sanna Björkebaum

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Welcome to

A community for self-actualization

You will become a living part of an inspiring network of conscious individuals where everyone has the intention to grow spiritually. Guided by the collective intelligence of the group, you will be able to see through and transcend all the survival strategies that up until now have governed your life, and instead find guidance to realize your most beautiful qualities.

It is in the clash between different perspectives that a true understanding of life's lessons can be conveyed. During the weekends, a warm, open-hearted community will be created, facilitating a relationship with the intelligence of the group as a playful mirror for your inner world — step by step we peel away all the layers until you get to the innermost core, which carries the truth of how you take your natural place in life.
We will give you

Tools for inner leadership

Body psychotherapy is a treatment method that dissolves blockages, releases your emotions and integrates your past life experiences. This with the aim of initiating the body's deepest self-healing processes that have the task of healing you from both mental and physical ailments. It is only when we bridge the revitalizing physical work with psychotherapy that we embrace all parts of ourselves.

This therapeutic journey aims to unite your body with your emotional life, your thinking ability with your will and intention, along with your spiritual self in a complete whole that conveys your authentic presence.
You will undergo

10 modules of deepening: March 2023 — June 2024

Below you can read summaries for the different weekend modules, and get an overview of what you will go through during the program.
Module 1: Meet the group

March 17-19— Be present, and in connection your higher self. Your, and the group's intention.

Module 2: Trust & contact

April 21-23 — 1st survival pattern. Theme: Body. The way from the head down into the body.

Module 3: Nourishment & needs

June 9-11 — 2nd survival pattern. Theme: Need. In what ways can I nourish and love myself?

Module 4: Boundaries & self-expression

Sept 1-3 — 3rd Survival Pattern. Theme: Autonomy. To freely express healthy aggression.

Module 5: Vulnerability & protection

Oct 20-22 — 4th Survival Pattern. Theme: Support. Begin to trust that there is support outside yourself, and that you can trust your own feelings.

Module 6: Relaxation & Surrender

Dec 8-10 — 5th survival pattern. Theme: Power. When we relax and unite our heart with our sex, we experience perfection.

Module 7: Sexuality and spirituality

Feb 16-18 — Theme: Spiritual exploration. When we connect our sexuality and spirituality, we open the door to meditation.

Module 8: Sexual polarity

March 22-24 — The essence of feminine and masculine energy. Theme: Your unique essence. To become more whole as a human being, we learn the artform of opening the feminine and masculine energy to flow within us.

Module 9: Purpose & Direction. Unique gifts

May 17-19 — Theme: Your unique path. To feel guided. What does it mean to live in synchronicity with life?

Module 10: Gratitude

June 28-30 — Own rituals and tools. To live in gratitude. Theme: End.

Meet your instructor:

Ola Eriksson

Ola inspires men and women to walk the path of the heart — to have the courage to open up their mind and body to reach the core of who they are, beyond their defenses and survival strategies. As a trained body psychotherapist, tantra therapist and yoga masseuse, he guides his clients through an emotional liberation to higher levels of body intelligence, relaxation, sexual awareness, life energy, purpose and the freedom that only comes through deep self-awareness.
Meet your instructor:

Sanna Björkebaum

Sanna is the founder of the Stockholm Tantra Festival and has developed and led many different courses for both men and women over the past 15 years. At the same time, as a body psychotherapist, she has inspired hundreds of clients to listen to the their inner truth so that they can embody the power of their deepest longings. With razor-sharp clarity, sensitivity and intuition, she guides her clients to a deep awareness where they can find new ground to continue their life based on a vital contact with themselves and the world.
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The Deepening Program's weekend modules are held at beautiful Björnbacka Retreatcenter. Click the button below and book an interview to get a place on the annual program.
This is included in the Deepening Program:
Stay in a multi-bed room

298 euro / month

The total price for 16 months with accommodation in a multi-bed room is 4762 Euro. It is possible to split the cost into smaller installments.

Stay in a single room

315 euro / month

The total price for 16 months of accommodation in a single room is 5029 Euro. It is possible to split the cost into smaller installments.

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